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Mississippi Minyards

The Family of James Minyard, Sr.

~ Generation One ~

   The progenitor of the Carroll County, Mississippi branch of the
MINYARD family was JAMES MINYARD, SR.  Records indicate he was born
about 1768 and died about 1827.  Although several MINYARD families are
shown on the 1779-1784 tax list and the 1790 North Carolina census, a
firm conclusion as to the birthplace and parentage of James, Sr. has 
not been determined at this time.  Census records from Lawrence County,
Mississippi indicate he was about 50 years in 1819.
   It is believed JAMES MINYARD, SR. moved to Franklin County, Georgia 
around 1790.  By 1814, he had moved to Lawrence County, Mississippi 
where he was found on the tax rolls from 1814-1825, owning land in the
Bogue Chittos area.  
   In 1820, he was granted a US Patent by President James Monroe for 
300.92 acres of land in Lawrence County, Mississippi.  By 1827, JAMES
MINYARD, SR. was no longer found on the tax rolls, so, we must 
conclude he was deceased at this time.
   Deed records in Lawrence County, Mississippi show his heirs sold
the tract of land on Bogue Chitto in April 1833, possibly as a means 
of financing their move to Carroll County, Mississippi in 1834.  
   As of this date, no marriage records have been found and the name
of his wife remains unknown.  The couple were known to have had eleven

  1. Mary Minyard born:abt 1794 died:
  2. John Minyard born:abt 1795 died:bef 1870
  3. William Minyard born:abt 1798 died:bet 1870-1880
  4. James Minyard, Jr. born:abt 1801 died:bet 1850-1855
  5. son Minyard born:abt 1805 died:
  6. Elizabeth "Betsy" Minyard born:abt 1805 died:bet1870-1880
  7. Sela (or Celia) Minyard born:abt 1807 died:
  8. Charity Minyard born:abt 1810 died:
  9. Thomas Minyard born:abt 1815 died:1865-1870
  10. Delaney Minyard born:abt 1817 died:
  11. daughter* Minyard born: died:
*This daughter may have been named Sarah and was possibly born about 1812.

~ Generation Two ~

James & Sarah (Carpenter) Minyard, Jr.

   JAMES MINYARD, JR. was born about 1804 in Georgia.  He was one of
the pioneer settlers of Carroll County, Mississippi, having settled 
in the Bogue Chitto area, along with the other heirs of JAMES MINYARD,
SR. in 1834.  He was married to SARAH CARPENTER.  SARAH was born about 
1810 in Georgia.  She was a daughter of JOHN & ESTHER (KENNEDY)
CARPENTER.  This couple married about 1830.  JAMES MINYARD, JR. died
before September 29, 1848 in Carroll County, Mississippi.  SARAH
(CARPENTER) MINYARD died between 1870 - 1880 in Carroll County.
  This couple had at least nine children:

  1. Owen Minyard born:abt 1833 died:bet 1890-1900
  2. William Minyard born:abt 1834 died:
  3. Thomas Minyard born:abt 1836 died:
  4. Melissa Minyard born:06-18-1837 died:
  5. Adam Minyard born:abt 1839 died:
  6. Margaret Minyard born:07-00-1840 died:
  7. Esther Caroline Minyard born:abt 1845 died:
  8. James Peter Minyard born:07-20-1847 died:
  9. Sarah Ellen Minyard born:abt 1848 died:

Owen & Charity (Carpenter) Minyard

~ Generation Three ~

   OWEN MINYARD was born about 1833, probably in Lawrence County, 
Mississippi.  He was married first to CHARITY CARPENTER on
March 3, 1853 in Carroll County, Mississippi.  CHARITY was born about
1837 in Mississippi.  Her parents are not known at this time.
   According to the Military Annals of Carroll County, Mississippi,
OWEN MINYARD served in the Confederate Army and is shown on the roll
of the Black Hawk Rifles, Conmpany G, Twenty-Second Mississippi 
Regiment, Featherston's Brigade, Lorings Division, Polk's Corps,
Army of Tennessee.
   It is believed CHARITY (CARPENTER) MINYARD died about 1872.  OWEN
MINYARD died between 1890 - 1900.
   Eight children were born to this couple:

  1. James Albert Minyard born:06-18-1854 died:05-10-1933
  2. Thomas Ulysses Minyard born:03-00-1856 died:
  3. William Henderson Minyard born:09-21-1858 died:06-11-1931
  4. Owen Minyard, Jr. born:01-00-1864 died:
  5. Nathan Walter Minyard born:09-07-1866 died:00-00-1925
  6. Angus Martin Minyard born:12-08-1868 died:07-06-1960
  7. Mahala Minyard born:00-00-1871 died:
  8. Ada Minyard born:abt 1872 died:

  OWEN MINYARD married a second time to MELINDA CARPENTER on June 14,
1874.  They had three children:

  1. Charley Minyard born:abt 1850 died:
  2. Hettie Minyard born:08-00-1875 died:
  3. Decatur Minyard born:abt 1882 died:
  4. Silas Minyard born:abt 1889 died:

Nathan Walter & Nannie (Papps) Minyard

~ Generation Four ~

   NATHAN WALTER MINYARD was born in Carroll County, Mississippi on
September 7, 1866.  Marriage records of the Second District of Vaiden,
Carroll County, Mississippi show he married NANNIE PAPPS on 
October 18, 1893.  NANNIE PAPPS was born in Carroll County, Mississippi
on February 18, 1876.  She was a daughter of JOHN & HENRIETTA (DOSTER)
   NATHAN WALTER MINYARD died in 1925 in Mississippi County, Arkansas.
After his death, NANNIE remarried to BILL DEPRIEST.
   NATHAN WALTER & NANNIE (PAPPS) MINYARD had twelve children:

  1. Robert Lee Minyard born:07-31-1894 died:00-00-1981
  2. Ruby Minyard born:03-00-1896 died:
  3. Kate Minyard born:03-00-1897 died:
  4. Lonnie (Fannie) Minyard born:09-20-1900 died:
  5. Dick Minyard born:01-03-1903 died:
  6. Dennis Minyard born:09-13-1905 died:
  7. Curtis Minyard born:abt 1906 died:
  8. Norma Minyard born:10-20-1907 died:
  9. Nathan Minyard born:08-17-1909 died:
  10. Eddie Minyard born:09-05-1911 died:
  11. Martha Minyard born:08-02-1913 died:young
  12. Everett Minyard born:00-00-1915 died:young

Robert Lee & Lula Mae (Corley) Minyard

~ Generation Five ~

   ROBERT LEE MINYARD was born July 31, 1894 in Carroll County,
Mississippi.  He married LULA MAE CORLEY.  LULA MAE CORLEY was born
May 8, 1895 in Carroll County, Mississippi.  She was a daughter of
   After moving to Mississippi County, Arkansas, ROBERT cleared a farm
north of Dell, Arkansas.  He and his wife settled here and raised a
family.  Upon his retirement from farming in 1965, ROBERT sold the 
   LULA MAE (CORLEY) MINYARD died in 1954 in Dell, Mississippi County,
Arkansas.  After the death of his first wife, ROBERT married again to
  ROBERT LEE MINYARD died in 1981 in Dell, Mississippi County,
Arkansas.  The oldest of fifteen children, he had outlived all of his
siblings, both wives and five of his children.
   ROBERT LEE MINYARD stood six feet tall and weighed about 185 pounds.
His eyes and hair were brown.  He had a stout build and had a dark
complexion.  He was a good husband, a loving and honorable son and a
friend to all who knew him.  He was known for his generosity and 
compassion and was owed thousands of dollars by people who could never
afford to pay him back at the time of his death.  He was a hard worker
and was known to have been blessed with unusual strenth.  Although he
was admired for his physical strength, he was known most for his mild
manner, his great sense of kindness, compassion, loyalty and devotion
and love for his family and friends.  
   This couple had nine children:
  1. Robert Austin Minyard born:05-30-1916 died:08-15-1982
  2. Mary Lee Minyard born:12-05-1919 died:
  3. Harold James Minyard born:05-23-1923 died:
  4. Juanita Minyard born:11-05-19?? died:
  5. Ethel Christine Minyard born:09-01-1929 died:
  6. Betty Jean Minyard born:01-15-1934 died:08-11-1989
  7. ??? Minyard born: died:young
  8. ??? Minyard born: died:young
  9. ??? Minyard born: died:young

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